Chairman’s Report 2014-15

Collingwood Tenant’s and Resident Association Chairman’s Report 2014 – 2015

This has been a busy year for the TRA Committee as there are so many changes planned for the Estate and so much to do to make sure of the best possible result for residents.

Many of you will know of the Council’s plan to build three more blocks around Orion House to help tackle the lengthy housing list. This would involve the resiting of our Tenants Hall. At the moment this scheme has been delayed, but we will need to be watchful about this.

Another major issue facing us all is Sainsburys project of building some six hundred new homes, including a 33-storey tower block and the further development of the shop. At least in part due to our efforts, this has been taken back to the Council for reconsideration. We plan a public meeting on their revised plans, probably early in the New Year, so that residents can be part of the consultation.

Because of residents’ concern about anti-social behaviour, we have set up a Collingwood Police Liaison Group which meets every couple of months to discuss how residents and the police can work together to make the Estate a safer and more pleasant place to live. Please let us know at the AGM if you want to be put on our mailing list for this.

We are always looking for new members of our Committee so that we can be more representative of the different communities on the Estate, so do please consider joining us. We meet from 6.30pm on the second Monday of every month, and you would be made very welcome.

The Hall continues to be well used, both by community and Council-run groups, and, at a very cheap price,for one-off bookings for meetings, weddings, birthday parties, etc. Please bear us in mind if you have an event planned.

Do please come to our AGM on Saturday November 14th from 2:00pm. The new Mayor, John Biggs, will be there to answer your questions.

Iain Lawson (Chair) November 2015

Chairman’s Report 2014-15