Meeting Agenda – 13th March 2017


Carmen Abela, Elizabeth Adebisi, Naomi Byron, Derek Handley, Henrietta Hazeley-Jones, Iain Lawson, Nozrul Mustafa, Phil Sedler and Chris Weavers


Elisa Colpo, Christiana Elliot, Cllr. Clare Harrisson, Allyson Matthews, Brenda Scotland and Noor Uddin

In Attendance

Jitu Miah (THH)

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record.

2. Housing Matters

There is a key stuck in the lock of the Orion House gates.

The oil spillage in Headlam Street remains under investigation. Jet washing machiones cannot be taken inside the building.

The Tyler House gate has still yet to be approved and Jitu Miah continues to press the matter, though without success as yet.

It was noted that there were a number of staff changes at THH underway.

There was a further discussion about noticeboards in blocks including about whether people looked at them and whether vandalism might be an issue.

The chain and local at Headlam Street/Collingwood Street is being misused/not locked by Veolia and the lock is missing. Drug dealing youths know this exit is open.

The Grindall House car park is overfull and cars are paked on double yellow lines outside flats. Jitu Miah has contacted the residents concerned.

Naomi Byron is still pursuing the lek issue she raised in October as it has yet to be resolved.

The door entry system on Orion House is now working.

The area around the pipes outside Eagle has not been made good following completion of the works.

It was agreed that Chris Weavers forward on details of Poplar HARCA’s maps to Jitu Miah.

Jitu Miah agreed to circulate a copy of the current Neighbourhood Action Plan if possible.

3. Youth Services

A written report was tabled including the following:
• Outreach work: Football sessions at Playon sport; more than 15 young people attending and have successfully completed ASDAN level 1-3 and AQA Entry level unit x2
• Information support sessions: 20 -25 mixed group of young people aged between 12-19yrs old attending the club session every Tuesdays and Thursday night.
• Employment and advice session: updating young people’s CV, coverings letters, interview technique, supporting them with looking for employment and training. Currently 5 young people interested taking SIA traineeship with Osmani trust
• 20 young people 13-18 attended the cinema trip
• 13 young people participated in weekend ASDAN residential trip

Other activity plans for March:
• Indoor 5-A football competitive 13th March
• Indoor pool, table tennis, PS4 14th / 16th march
• A programme for the next quarter

Collingwood Central update:
• Fire safety procedure and appropriate information need to be displayed.
• All the electronic sockets and cables need to be PAT tested
• All the kitchen appliances need to be checked to ensure young people can have access and we can deliver cooking classes to young people.
• I have asked youth services have been asked to carry out the above work to ensure the centre is fully accessible for young people.
• Internet access at the Collingwood youth centre is needed as it will help to support young people searching for jobs and delivery on the project research for young people.

4. Officer Reports

Crossrail Resident Liaison Meeting
There was no significant new information raised at the recent Crossrail Liaison Meeting except that more information about the future station entrances was provided.

Collingwood Estate Police liaison meeting
• posters about how to report ASB have still yet to be displayed
• Next meeting 27th march at 18:30
• Cllr. Shiria Khatun, Cabinet Member for Community Safety will be speaking at the at next TRA Federation meeting – anyone is welcome to attend or submit questions via email.

Financial Report
• expenditure is currently exceeding income
• Fixed expenditure includes utilities, waste, staff costs and insurance
• £750 income from youth services per quarter.
• Still yet to receive pensioner group grant from the council

It was agreed that:
• LBTH Youth Services be asked to significantly increase the rental payments they make for the hall.
• Veolia be contacted to enquire whether a pay-as-you-go waste collection service might be more economical.
• That alternative ways of promoting hire of the hall be explored.

5. Any Other Business


6. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 10th April 2017, 18:30 – 20:30

Meeting Agenda – 13th March 2017