Meeting Minutes – 10th April 2017


Elizabeth Adebisi, Derek Handley, Henrietta Hazeley-Jones, Nozrul Mustafa, Phil Sedler and Frank Nation


Iain Lawson, Carmen Abela, Chris Weavers, Noor Uddin, Cllr. Clare Harrisson and Allyson Matthews (THH)

In Attendance

Jitu Miah (THH) and Nicky ?

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record.

2. Housing Matters

A new lock has been ordered for the Orion House gates and is expected to be delivered and fitted in another 5-7 weeks

Caretakers have washed area affected by the oil spillage in Headlam Street, although there is a small stain remaining. The investigation has been concluded.

Phil Sedler has pursued the matter of the Tyler House gate with Shushana. However, this no longer seems to be an ASB hotspot so works here will not be a priority.

It was noted that the staff re-structuring process at THH had not yet been concluded and as such no definite plans were available. Caretaking will be looked at later in the year. It was noted that Danny is now the charge-hand for the Collingwood Estate in addition to the two he was previously responsible for.

A different lock has been ordered for Headlam Street/Collingwood Street gate. The appointment date for the work to be completed is on 18/04/17

The Grindall House car park gate has been bought into use from 03/04/2017

The issue with the pipes outside Eagle has not been made good following completion of the works has been emailed to Thames Water

THH does not have any estate designs so they are unable to order maps.

It was noted that the NAP is an internal document staff are unable to allowed to disclose it. Concerns that this restricted resident involvement it its formation and implementation.

It was noted that the Veolia contract has been extended to 2020 but they have ignored invitations to attend TRA meetings. Questions were raised about the sanctions that could be applied.

It was noted that Jitu has reported several abandoned vehicles near Grindall House so they can be removed.

Jitu agreed to seek resolution to the problem with the boilers in Donegal House which had previously been reported via the Repairs Centre.

3. Officer Reports

Financial Report
Phil Sedler wrote to the Head of the Youth Service regarding significantly increasing the rental payments they make for the hall who has sent an initial response but agreement has not yet ben reached.

It was agreed that further work is needed on generating alternative sources of income including utilising the advice emailed by Allyson Matthew re marketing.

It was noted that the rental fee for the church had been reduced from £400 to £300 per month to reflect their lower attendance numbers.

4. Any Other Business


5. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 09th May 2017, 18:30 – 20:30

Meeting Minutes – 10th April 2017