Meeting Minutes – 10th October 2016


Iain Lawson, Phil Sedler, Nozrul Mustafa, Derek Handley, Elizabeth Adebisi, Frank Nation and Chris Weavers.


Melanie Bryant, Henrietta Hazeley Jones and Allyson Matthews (THH).

In Attendance

Cllr. Clare Harrisson, Jitu Miahs (THH), Noor Uddin (LBTH), Madeleine ? and Beryl Stevenson.

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record.

It was noted that Danny Tyler had asked to be added to the circulation for TRA Meeting minutes and agreed that this be actioned.

2. Housing Matters

The gates for the Orion House car park have been approved and work will start on 18 October.  The new gates will have a lock that must be removed. The price is £150.

The new recycling bags are biodegradable.  It was also noted that residents are able to use their own transparent bags.

Oil spills on the stairs in Headlam Street need to be properly cleaner by the caretaking staff.

It was noted that Mears are supposed to be checking roofs for leaks.  It was also asked that roofs be checked for security purposes to prevent break-ins.

Improvement works to the area next Heathpool Court and Tyler House are currently being costed and considered, particularly the cost to leaseholders if the fence is only temporary.

The intercom is not currently working in Orion House , allowing unauthorised people to access the building, but it was noted that it may not be repaired/replaced before new doors are fitted.
The door entry system for Collingwood House is broken again.

There are currently problems with the communal TV reception in Headlam Street and Orion House.
It was reported that two men had entered Donegal House and knocked on doors claiming to be from the Council but disappeared when the a resident sough to verify this by phone. They have been seen again since.

It was also reported that rubbish chutes were becoming full at weekends.

3. Officer Reports

Officers reported back on recent meetings they had attended including:
A public meeting with the new Police Borough Commander, Sue Williams, which included a report on how the police are re-organising the way in which ASB and drug dealing is tackled in Tower Hamlets. It was noted that she has also recently attended the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Phil Sedler was on the panel for the Mayoral Housing Conference which included a combination of workshops and plenary sessions.

4. Police Liaison Meeting

It was reported that chairs from the hall were being used by young people engaged in anti-social behaviour and requested that this be stopped.

There has been no sign of the enhanced police patrols promised at the last liaison group meeting.

It was reported that car hire companies are liaising with the police regarding the use of hired cars for criminal purposes.

It was reported that there were abandoned and vandalised car on Buckhurst Street (behind Donegal House). Cllr. Clare Harrisson agreed to raise a members’ enquiry

It was noted that there has also been several other incidents of car vandalism and theft.

The next meeting is on 5th December at 18:30.

5. Youth Services

Noor Uddin updated the meeting on ongoing changes to youth provision followed by a discussion on youth services including the interim model and future model. Locally the service would be starting mixed sessions on Saturdays.

There was then a brief discussion on attracting young women to sessions and possible barriers.

6. Sainsbury Development

It was reported that Sainsburys will be resubmitting a different scheme and agreed that the TRA would wait until a new application is submitted before purchasing and displaying banners.

7. Ashington East and Tent Street Developments

Both proposed developments are still under review but Tent Street is regarded as a higher higher priority.

8. Crossrail

Whitechapel Station will remain open over Christmas and the project is on track and there will be a station entrance on Durward Street eventually.

The next Crossrail meeting on 9th February

9. Annual General Meeting

Guest Speaker Susmita Sen, Chief Executive of Tower Hamlets Homes. The meeting will commence at 14:00 with the guest speaker and move onto formal business of the AGM at approximately 15:00.

10. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 14th November 18:30 – 20:30

Meeting Minutes – 10th October 2016