Meeting Minutes – 11th April 2016


Phil Sedler, Chris Weavers, Iain Lawson, Nozrul Mustafa, , Henrietta Hazeley-Jones, Naomi Byron, Jenny Farrington, Derek Handley, Elizabeth Adebisi and Carmen Abela.


Elisa Colpo, Cllr. Clare Harrisson and Allyson Matthews (LBTH).

In Attendance

Jitu Miah and Keith Peirson (THH)

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record with the amendment that Allyson Matthew’s name had been repeated in the attendance list.

2. Housing Matters

A brief report was given on actions taken following the recent Tyler House walkabout. It was noted that cost of the planned fencing could be up to £5000. Concerns were raised regarding the cost and the impact for leaseholders. It was also suggested that in addition to the residential occupants of the block, the commercial properties on the ground floor should also make a contribution.
It was noted that the problem with the door entry system on Collingwood House had still not been resolved.
It was reported that the replacement bollards next to Harvey House had not been properly sited and that cars were still parking where should not and it was agreed that this would be rectified. Concerns were raised about the billing of residents were works undertaken incorrectly.
It was welcomed that plans were in place to place a gate Collingwood Street entrance to the Headlam Street block as part of a plan to reduce ASB in the area.
It was noted that THH operates a yellow card/red care system in respect of residents causing issues for their neighbours. This matter arose as a result of concerns expressed about noise, littering and staining of the floors in communal areas.
It was noted that confusion regarding the sheds near Barnsley Street and their association with Ashington House had now been resolved.

3. Neighbourhood Action Plan

Jitu Miah provided feedback on the questions raised at the previous meeting on the Neighbourhood Plan. In particular it was noted that the Neighbourhood Plan is a live document and that THH will work with residents to identify additional works for inclusion and that the budget going forward has yet to be determined
It was agreed that these issues be raised with Susmita Sen when she attended a future meeting of the Committee.

4. Heating and Hot Water

The Meeting welcomed Keith Peirson, THH Mechanical and Electrical Specialist Team Manager.
The issue of bleeding radiators for residents in blocks with communal systems following works on that system was raised. It was noted that THH is responsible for this for both tenants and leaseholders.
It was noted that work is underway at Tower Hamlets Homes to improve communication with residents including through improved use of ICT such as IP addressable door entry phones and video screens in lifts.
Concerns were raised about contractors not keeping to advertised timings for works including by starting early and finishing later.
Issues were also raised About the hot water in some blocks being either too hot or too cold. Problems were often worse in blocks like Orion House which lie at the end of a system.
THH is looking at its service to leaseholders – examining both fairness and transparency.
The period during which the communal heating systems are turned off are currently 31st May to mid-September. It was noted that the development of remote management of systems and heat metering may allow for greater flexibility in future.

5. Internet

It was agreed that Chris Weavers would look into wireless internet provision for the hall.

6. Orion House Under-croft

It was reported that correspondence had been received confirming that the under-croft could be made available for community use via the TRA but that consideration was also being given to the provision of business start-up space.

7. Whitechapel Vision

It was noted that Allyson Matthews had been contacted by an architect connected with the Whitechapel Vision about the possibility of a community food garden on the estate. It was agreed that this would be of interest but concerns were raised about the difficulty of growing food should there be lack of light as a result of the proposed Sainsbury development.

8. Sainsbury Development

It was reported that a group of representatives from local residents’ associations and the Whitechapel Business and Trades Association would be meeting with Cllr. Rachel Blake to discuss the proposed development on Tuesday 19th April.
It was noted that a door-knocking and leafleting exercise was taking place on the estate and committee members were encouraged to help.
It was agreed that the TRA would contribute towards the cost of a banner to use in the campaign.

9. Housing and Planning Bill

It was agreed that the TRA host a public meeting on the Housing and Planning Bill at the Collingwood Hall and that Glyn Robbins and Cllr. Sirajul Islam be invited to address meeting which would be chaired by Iain Lawson.

10. Durward Street Public Access

Phil Sedler reported on recent correspondence with the Council and Crossrail regarding public access between Brady Street and Whitechapel Station/Vallance Road via Durward Street. It was noted that the indication was that this would not be possible until the conclusion of the Crossrail works but that the TRA should engage in the public liaison meetings and raise the issue there.

11. Any Other Business

It was noted that the next meeting of the Collingwood Estate Police Liaison Meeting would take place at the Collingwood Hall at 18:30 on 20th June.

12. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 09th May 18:30 – 20:30

Meeting Minutes – 11th April 2016