Meeting Minutes – 11th January 2016


Elisa Colpo, Iain Lawson, Phil Sedler, Chris Weavers, Jenny Farrington, Virginija Ceilutkiene, Sofia Ibrahim, Nozrul Mustafa, Frank Nation, Elizabeth Adebisi, Naomi Byron, Derek Handley and Melanie Bryant.


Henrietta Hazeley-Jones, Keith Fitzgerald (THH), Ola Vincent (ASB THH)

In Attendance

Allyson Matthews (THH), Chris Basford (THH), Jitu Miah (THH) Cllr. Clare Harrisson, Musthu (Youth Service)

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record.

2. Neighborhood Action Plan

The 2015 plan was discussed including the placing of more external Light near Donegal House, bin enclosures for Donegal and Grindal House and replacing of broken bin lids.

The small playground near Collingwood House was deemed too expensive (£20,000+) and not priority because of the possibility of it being part of the Whitechapel Vision. Alyson has spoken to Brenda who is still compiling the WV brief. The Whitechapel Masterplan is already in place and cannot be amended in the short term to include it. Rachel Blake could be contacted about this, as there is uncertainty about the contents of the brief due to the incompatibility with the previous administration.

Alyson spoke about the possibility of a boxing class but was waiting for feedback from the Youth Service about its necessity. The possibility of a money mentoring workshop was also put on hold as the workshop provided wasn’t deemed practical enough.

The possibility of a Neighborhood Action Plan for 2016 is uncertain as THH is in a phase of transition. The committee agreed that the existing points that hadn’t been addressed would be requested if the plan went ahead as well as addressing the space behind Tyler House. Alyson stated they were no longer working toward the March deadline and no fixed budget for each estate was set. The most feasible projects would be between £1000-£2000. The possibility of a community food garden was discussed but more involvement from residents was necessary. There will be consultation events Jan 16th at Museum of Childhood and Jan 28th Idea Store. Clare offered to submit member enquiry about the future of Neighborhood Action Plan if necessary.

Alyson offered to help with development of any projects on behalf of TRA and mentioned the vacancies on the Leasehold Service Development Group and Repairs Group reimbursed with £10 voucher each meeting and refreshments. More information about applying and the achievements of these groups was requested.

3. Housing Matters

Keith Fitzgerald investigated the issue with water supply in Fremantle House area but no problems were found. The committee would still like Keith to attend a meeting to discuss the heating and hot water on the estate at some point.

The water storage capacity for Collingwood House has been doubled and 2 new valves have been installed, no other resident complaints have been raised since.

The unused pram sheds have now been advertised to residents but no interest has been received yet.

Bulk rubbish collection was discussed; including the possibility of central collection point, or collections for certain areas on certain days. It was pointed out that the council had access to extra £500,000 from the waste and street cleaning budget that could be used for more regular collections.

Problems with recycling bins on Somerford St between Fremantle and Pellew House were raised. As well as problems with fly tipping and the subsequent rodent problems associated with having the bin areas too close to the ground floor of the building, the committee would like to discuss this with Veolia.

The paypoint facilities to pay rent / utility bills were discussed as the number appears to be decreasing. The committee asked THH if they could supply a list of paypoints in communication with residents about reviewing rent policies. 5 points within 1 mile of the estate are:
-ASDA PFS, 24h, 112 Vallance Rd E15BW
-Offie & Toffie, 7am-Midnight, 301 Cambridge Heath Rd, E20EL
-City Supermarket, 24h, 124 Mile End Rd, E14UN
-ASDA, 7am-11pm, 123 Mile End Rd, E14UJ (opening 22/02/16)
-Eagle Off License, 9:30-11pm, 381 Bethnal Green Rd, E20AN

The car park outside Eagle House was discussed as a resident has put on a padlock and distributed 6 keys. Ola Vincent had wanted a Gerda lock but this was deemed to expensive. Residents have asked for a standard padlock and keys for 6 residents. It was agreed that either THH would supply this or get a copy of the key for the existing padlock.

The ongoing (2-3year) problem with the bike shed at Collingwood House was discussed. Problem was investigated and it was reported that 12 locks were needed. The committee asked that Jitu go and see the shed in order to come up with a simpler solution.

It was reported back that plans do not exist for the replacement of the door entry system at Collingwood House, or Orion House decent homes works during this or next year. The Ashington East GLA funding has been pulled and no feedback from Sainsburys have been provided so the status of both is unknown. Rachel Blake could be asked.

4. Anti-Social Behaviour

The next Police Liason Meeting has been changed to 1st February in the community hall. Cannabis, littering fines and drug dealing via bicycles will be discussed at the meeting.

6th January 20 officers made arrests of residents living on estate. The possibility of having more plain clothes officers going door to door would be helpful for resolving problems around Tyler House.

The committee and youth service representatives raised the issue of needing a youth service for 19-23 year olds as the current service only caters for 13-19 year olds. Having workshops, careers and skills fairs or social activates would be useful. The possibility of including SIA, CSCS, City Gateway, Partnerships Group, Willesden Green Job Centre, TH Gangs team or TH College was discussed. Eddie Stryder has been contacted in order to discuss.

5. Officer Reports

It was discussed that Rachel Blake would be invited to the February meeting rather than Sainsbury’s / Keith Fitzgerald.

6. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 8th February 18:30 – 20:30

Meeting Minutes – 11th January 2016