Meeting Minutes – 11th July 2016


Iain Lawson, Phil Sedler, Derek Handley, Chris Weavers, Melanie Bryant, Henrietta Hazeley-Jones, Elizabeth Adebisi, and Nozrul Mustafa


Cllr. Clare Harrisson, Noor Uddin, Brenda Scotland (THH), Jitu Miah (THH), Virginija Ceilutkiene, and Elisa Colpo

In Attendance

Marcia McPherson (THH)

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record. (Except “ideaof” on page 2)

2. Tent Street Development

Phil will find out 12/07/16 if the community hall can be used for the consultation process.

Walk about with Councillor Sirajul Islam to discuss road access around the development site from Hemming Street from a non-residential area as opposed to residential.

3. Housing Matters

As Jitu is on paternity the outstanding matters from the last meeting will be followed up on by Christine Foley, the TRA should expect to have an update by 15/07/16.

Headlam Street gate and oil spill problem have been resolved.

The committee discussed problems with pigeons especially at Orion House and that the existing netting has not been effective and therefore further netting would not resolve the problem, instead increasing awareness of not feeding pigeons could be considered.

The Grindal House parking problem was discussed as well as the associated ASB it causes during the evening (drug dealing, excessive noise, litter). The committee noted that the THH parking enforcement strategy seemed more concerned with being able to fine people then actually decreasing illegal parking and the ASB it causes, this was deduced from the times in which the parking officers are patrolling. The committee suggested that patrols should happen both during the day and evening and the THEO or SNT could be involved if necessary, this will be brought up with Susmita Sen next time she attends.

The Orion House under croft was discussed and the committee asked that the painted panels be removed as weapons and drugs are being stored behind them. A similar problem was observed around the hall in the shutter holder and green slats on door that could be replaced with a mesh. Marcia will report back after a walk around, it was suggested this job could possibly be done by the caretaking team.

The committee discussed how excellent the caretakers have been recently and Rosa’s return was welcomed.

Collingwood House entry system problem has been resolved. However the committee ask that the locks to the roof be checked as a burglary occurred and the entry point seemed to be the roof.

The pink recycling bags were discussed, as they are usually unavailable and are of terrible quality, and frequently rip; as they are not thick enough to contain the intended items (eg. wine bottles). The committee was previously promised a delivery of bags to every home and this has not happened.

An annual check of the drains of the roofs was requested as the drain on Eagle House in particular appears to be blocked.

4. Youth Service

Previously the youth service was using the hall for 5 sessions a week for £3000, paid for annually. Additionally the pensioners club also contributed between £350-£500 annually. As funding has not yet been secured, Phil will email Rachel Saunders and Amy Whitelock Gibbs to enquire.

During the hub debate with Sirajul Islam it was explained that the existing hall is not large enough to be considered a central hub, Chris will keep updated on this.

5. Sainsburys

English Heritage remains in talks with Sainsburys despite a quiet period from protestors. Nozrul has requested that the Whitechapel Federation sponsor 1 banner and TRA to sponsor 2 banners (1 for Brady Street, 1 mobile).

6. Officer Reports

A meeting is being held 04/08/16 at Bethnal Green Library with Rachel Blake and Steve Westlake, in which viability of development could be raised.

The hall is being visited for a compliance inspection at 2pm 13/07/16.

The committee expressed disappointment at the lack of results yielded from the recent Police Liason Meeting, as well as a disappointing turn out from THH ASB team. Ian raised concerns about the lack of communication between THH and the Police with Susmita Sen the Thursday before.

7. Other Business

Plans for the new TRA hall are to be extended out either side to prevent people congregating underneath and a planting patch has been proposed by Margaret Cox.

Susmita Sen will be attending the next meeting, the committee agreed to ask about ASB and parking enforcement, Decent Homes Externals, Whitechapel Vision, Brenda Scotland project, Ashington East, Neighborhood Action Plan, Sovereign House external area, Collingwood House play area and cohesive design for the estate.

Meetings on the 12/07/16 and 21/07/16 are being held about the Kill the Housing Bill project.

The AGM was discussed and it was agreed that it would be held between late October and early November. Chris will email the deputy to the London Mayor James Murray to ask about attending.

8. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 12th September 18:30 – 20:30


Meeting Minutes – 11th July 2016