Meeting Minutes – 11th May 2015


Chris Weavers, Nozrul Mustafa, Elizabeth Adebisi, Julia Williams, Frank Nation, Phil Sedler, Iain Lawson, Eve Hardy & Jenny Farrington


Cllr. Clare Harrisson, Derek Handley, Julia Williams and Allyson Matthews

In Attendance

Jitu Miah (THH), Laura Duncan (THH) and Carmel Abela

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record.

2. Ashington East Development

No contractor has been appointed as yet and it is unlikely that one will be before July.

No decision has been taken on whether they will undertake the outstanding Decent Homes work and work on Orion House is unlikely to start before 2016.

Phil Sedler asked how long the existing TRA hall might still exist. The hall will be demolished as part of the first phase of the project, following the construction of the new community centre under Orion House. Demolition is unlikely to take place before early 2016.

No progress has been made on agreeing payments for the new TRA Hall.

3. Housing Matters

The water has been turned off in a number of blocks on the estate on successive weekends. There have been faults in the system and last weekend it wasn’t possible to repair it over the weekend as a part was needed. Redmill, Grindell, Collingwood and Berry. The issue of vulnerable residents in the affected blocks was raised.

Broader concerns were raised about the service provided via the THH Call Centre. It was agreed that Jitu Miah investigate and that Phil Sedler raise the issue directly with the Chief Executive of Tower Hamlets Homes.

There continues to be problems with the door entry system for Collingwood House and although the order has been raised, the door still has not been fixed.

There continues to be issues with the collection of recycling bins near Pellew House. This is due to the recycling being contaminated and Veolia’s failure to deal with the issue appropriately. Jitu will take these issues up with Veolia including why the bins are not being collected and the process for dealing with contaminated bins.

4. Anti-Social Behaviour

The planters on the southern side of Orion House has been destroyed and an order has been raised for them to be removed.

The next Collingwood Estate Police Liaison meeting will take place on the 1st June at 19:00 at the TRA Hall.

It was agreed that the meeting with Cllr. Rabina Khan scheduled for the 15th June be postponed pending the election for Mayor of Tower Hamlets on 11th June.

5. Decent Homes

Concerns were raised about the progress of Decent Homes works on the estate. It was agreed that the absence of Ben Campbell from successive TRA meetings be raised with Jamie Carswell by Iain Lawson.

6. Sainsbury Development

Sainsbury are eager to come to next meeting.

Serious concerns were raised about the height and density of the proposed development.

A discussion took place regarding the appropriate extent of engagement between the TRA and Sainsbury.

7. Any Other Business

Summer Nights programme will happen in some form.

The idea of a science night was raised as a complementary or event or for the girls club on a Saturday afternoon.

Meeting Minutes – 11th May 2015