Meeting Minutes – 12th December 2016


Derek Handley, Phil Sedler, Iain Lawson, Frank Nation, Nozrul Mustafa and Chris Weavers


Naomi Byron, Elisa Colpo, Elizabeth Adebisi, Melanie Bryant, Carmen Abela, Cllr. Clare Harrisson, Allyson Matthews and Marcia McPherson (THH) and Brenda Scotland (LBTH)

In Attendance

Jitu Miah (THH)

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record.

2. Housing Matters

The gates for the Orion House car park will be locked from 19 December and users will be issued with keys.

However, the letters to residents were issued later than planned – two weeks after the decision was taken.

The oil spillage in Headlam Street is subject to investigation and resident thought be responsible has been contacted.

The puddles on the roof of Eagle House still need to be investigated – possibly by the caretaking team as it might just be a blockage caused by leaves.

The Tyler House gate has still yet to be approved and the costs remain unknown.

Cycle racks have been approved for Pellew and Fremantle Houses.

The intercom at Orion House is scheduled for replacement in 2017. Jitu Miah agreed to send details of the plan to Iain Lawson.

It was suggested that residents be consulted on provision to allow residents to access SkyQ and that THH should lead on any negotiations with Sky.

Danny Tyler reports that there are no real problems with bins being overfull at weekends but residents are still complaining. There are also issues with the chutes backing up.

The drain near 14 Collingwood House has now been cleared.

It was noted that fund for Neighbourhood Action Plans still exist and has recently been spent on the new cycle storage. Suggestions should be made via Jitu Miah who will seek funding. It was suggested that planters could be placed near the Carpenters’ Arms pub on Cambridge Heath Road, though concerns were raised that this could be attractive to drug dealers.

The need to keep internal balconies clean and disinfected was raised.

3. Officer Reports

It was reported that the recent meeting of the Police/Collingwood Estate Liaison Group had mainly focused on the open space on Headlam Street. The police are seeking to disturb drug dealing even if they are unable to make arrests. The next meeting is scheduled for 5th February 2017 meeting.

It was suggested that there should be laminated posters on each block detailing what to do in the event of ASB and that lockable notice broads and estate map sign should be considered as a component of the next area action plan.

It was also noted that the previous request to THH for a large scale laminated map for the wall for the TRA hall had not yet been met.

A discussion took place regarding the CTRA website and it was agreed that in the future a system be explored whereby hall bookings could be shown online but where new bookings would continue to be made by telephone via the Hall Manager.

It was noted that Phil Sedler and Iain Lawson would be meeting Susmita Sen on Wednesday 11th December to talk about resident engagement and engagement with TRAs. A brief discussion took places regarding the issues that could be raised.

4. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 9th January 18:30 – 20:30

Meeting Minutes – 12th December 2016