Meeting Minutes – 12th October 2015


Nozrul Mustafa, Eve Hardy, Phil Sedler, Iain Lawson, Frank Nation, Chris Weavers, Jenny
Farrington and Naomi Byron


Julia Williams, Melanie Bryant, Derek Handley and Elizabeth Abebisi, Allyson Matthews (THH) and Cllr. Clare Harrisson (for lateness)

In Attendance

Keith Fitzgerald (THH), Marcia McPherson (THH), Hillary Kelly (THH) and Jitu Miah (THH) plus 12 Redmill

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record.

2. Water Pressure/Flow

Five or so years ago problems emerged with the storage tanks in Grindall House not filling properly.  A booster pump was therefore installed in the boiler house.   The system is ten oldest maintained by Tower Hamlets Homes and one of the oldest in London.  At times of high demand the storage tank was insufficient so the capacity has been increased.  There are still problems every weekend.

Data loggers are going to be installed to monitor mains flow into the tanks and usage will also be monitored.  It is expected that these will be in place within the next four weeks.  There will be a contractor on site twice a day at weekends for the next four weeks to monitor the system and to resolve any issues.

I was raised that there has been no communication with residents about the problem or the solutions that have been tried.

A full survey is being undertaken of all underground pipes on the estate and repairs are being made.

The possibility of using bowsers to keep the tanks full when problems arise was suggested.

It was agreed that the provision of standpipes/taps or even a temporary external tank for the area concerned could be provided until the problem up is resolved.

It was also agreed that letters be sent to all properties affected to update them on the situation and that the call centre staff are briefed on how to respond to enquiries.

Jitu has continued to pursue the previous TRA request for a copy of the updated policy on support for vulnerable residents.

3. Housing Matters

The service provided by the call centre in respect of repairs was raised.  It was stressed that while the staff themselves were as helpful as possible, their knowledge of the estate was poor and that communication often breaks down between THH and contractors and between the out-of-hours service, the call centre and estate officers  It was reported that changes were being made to the repairs appointments system allowing call centre staff to directly make the appointment in the system used by Mears.

Changes will be made to the way in which complaints about lack of heating and hot water are responded to, emphasising that one person reporting an issue should trigger an investigation.

Concerns were also raised about the opening hours of the call centre.

Issues with securing two TV aerial connections into their properties were raised and about people satellite dishes being reconnected following decent homes works rather than being connected to the communal system.

Issues were raised about the seasonal timings of the communal heating system and the need for greater transparency in respect of repairs for example of lifts, particularly in respect of leaseholder service charges.

The bins at Ashington House has been filled with cooking oil containers leaving no space for resident rubbish.  The locking of the recycling bin outside Rutherford House and its recent disappearance was also raised.

4. Anti-Social Behaviour

The next Collingwood Police Liaison meeting is on 19th October at the TRA hall and the discussions will include the idea of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Phil Sedler will be following up with Cllr. Islam on the ASB meeting.  One result has already been the abolition of bulk waste charges for residents.  Progress is being made on traffic calming measures on Headlam Street and Collingwood Street. There has been a noticeably higher police presence on the estate recently.

5. Annual General Meeting

Mayor John Biggs has agreed to speak at the TRA AGM which has now been scheduled for 14:00 on the afternoon of 14th November and will address the subject of the Whitechapel Masterplan.  Ian Lawson will arrange for refreshments. Iain Lawson will liaise with Melanie Bryant regarding the leaflets and posters promoting the AGM.

6. Officers Reports

Landscaping work planned across the estate and a final report has been produced.  Committee members were invited to attend a meeting on landscaping on Thursday 15th October.

7. Any Other Business

It was agreed that Chris Basford (Neighbourhood Champion) be invited to the November meeting of the Committee to speak to the Neighbourhood Action Plan which has now been approved.  The role of the Neighbourhood Champion is now slightly different.


Meeting Minutes – 12th October 2015