Meeting Minutes – 13th June 2016


Iain Lawson, Phil Sedler, Chris Weavers, Henrietta Hazeley-Jones, Elizabeth Adebisi, Nozrul Mustafa and Carmen Abela


Derek Handley, Naomi Byron, Sofia Ibrahim, Jitu Miah and Allyson Matthews (THH)

In Attendance

Christine Foley (THH), Cllr. Clare Harrisson, Noor Uddin and Ann Sutcliffe (LBTH) and Gavin Hale-Brown (Henley Halebrown Rorrison)

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record.

2. Tent Street Development

The committee received a presentation on the proposed development at the western end of Tent Street. A public drop is session is scheduled for the 14th July from 15:00-19:00. The scheme is part of the council’s expenditure for delivering council homes for people on the waiting list. The aim is to be on site by mid/late 2017. The development will comprise a four floor block and a ten floor block with 84 homes in total.

Issues raised included access for works, the availability of right to buy, water pressure and parking.

3. Housing Matters

Discussion about the rear of Tyler House – further quotes needed on fencing. Can also explore other options such as a gate and cobbles.

Unfortunately some of the door entry systems within the Collingwood Neighbourhood are now nearing 30 years of age but a door entry systems design life is 10 years and after 10 years the manufacturers of the electronic components are not liable to make spares. In regards to Collingwood House THH are currently obtaining a feasibility reports/study for a new door entry system.

Oil spill not sorted at Headlam street – on the landing.

Ashington East – hope to come back go the TRA in early autumn. THH are trying to tie it in with the decent homes externals for Orion house.

The Headlam Street gate is not being locked but needs to be.

It was noted that noting further had been heard on the ideaof a Community food garden near Harvey House.

4. Youth Services

Collingwood likely to be a Hub under the interim restructured youth service and they are exploring use of the undercroft of Orion House.

There is currently provision from 3pm to 9pm on Tuesday, normal provision on Thursdays but no provision on Fridays during Ramadan.

The option of recruiting to get more girls sessions taking place is being explored.

Also exploring Community film trust project with young people. Suggested explore talking with RichMix.

5. Durward Street Access

Iain Lawson attended the public meeting. Durward Street will be used as a fabrication site so it’s not possible to even partially open the street for public access. Likely to now re-open in June 2017. Next meeting in October. Exhibition at the Idea Store over the next few weeks.

6. Officers Reports

– TRA Federation met with Cllr David Edgar. There will be no rent to pay for TRA halls and will look at the costs of utilities and repairs.
– Donation made for Julia William
– Next Collingwood Estate Police Liaison Meeting – Monday at 18:30.
– Talk talk internet contract – Noor and Tipu are looking into it.
– Walkabout with Susmita Sen and Sirajul Islam – detailed responses received on all issues.

7. Future Meetings

Chris to invite Amy Linford (MFL) to July meeting.

Chris to invite Susmita Sen (THH) to the September meeting.

8. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 11th July 18:30 – 20:30

Meeting Minutes – 13th June 2016