Meeting Minutes – 14th March 2016


Phil Sedler, Chris Weavers, Iain Lawson, Nozrul Mustafa, Derek Handley, Elizabeth Adebisi and Carmen Abela.


Melanie Bryant, Elisa Colpo, Henrietta Hazeley-Jones, Virginija Ceilutkiene, Allyson Matthews (THH), and Allyson Matthews (LBTH).

In Attendance

Jitu Miah (THH), Cllr. Clare Harrisson, Cllr. Rachael Saunders, Tipu Miah, Noor Uddin (LBTH), Rupert Munday and Thomas Antoniw (Friends of Trinity Green).

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record.

2. Sainsburys Development

The meeting discussed a number of areas of concern regarding the proposed development including:
-The lack of private parking
-The overshadowing of Trinity Green Almshouses by the 28 floor tower
-Proportion of social housing
-The eight lowers, all of which would be taller than Grindall and Collingwood Houses

It was agreed that the TRA should help to raise awareness of and opposition to the development as proposed including through door-knocking, leaflets and possibly a public meeting.
It was also agreed that these activities be undertaken in co-ordination with other groups concerned about the development.

3. Neighbourhood Action Plan

Concerns were raised about the lack of clarity on the consultation process and opportunities for TRAs or residents to feed into the process. It was noted that there may be a different process in future but nothing is confirmed as yet.
The Committee agreed to invite the new Chief Executive of Tower Hamlets Homes, Susmita Sen to a future meeting.

4. Housing Matters

Feedback was provided on the recent Tyler House walkabout. It was reported that an order has been raised for fencing and a gate for this area.
The Committee requested an organogram detailing key officers and responsibilities within Tower Hamlets Homes.
Keith Pierson has yet to respond to invitation to attend a future TRA meeting. It was agreed to reissue the invitation for the April meeting.
It was welcomed that a leaflet had been delivered on the estate about recycling and bulk waste. However, no recycling bags have been distributed on the estate as promised. – CW to email.
The undercroft of Sovereign House needs to be properly secured.
A Decent Homes externals survey of Orion house will take place shortly.
There are continuing occasional problems with the door entry system on Collingwood house.
The Committee requested an up-to-date repairs list for the estate.
Jitu Miah reported that the bollards next to Harvey House had been replaced.

5. Youth Services

Noor Uddin gave an update on recent employability work undertaken locally.
It was also reported that there would be an increase in provision on the estate including provision for girls on Tuesday nights and an outreach project.
Young people from estate would be attending the engagement event on the Youth Service Review which would be taking place on the Aberfeldy Estate.
It was agreed that Chris Weavers would look into wireless internet provision for the hall.

6. LBTH Youth Service Review

Cllr Rachael Saunders explained that the Council was undertaking a large consultation on the future of the youth service and that this would be an open conversation with nothing decided and nothing off the table.
The closing date for the consultation in the 11th April.
Tower Hamlets has the highest youth service budget in the country after Hackney. While the budget will not be entirely protected from cuts it will remain a significant budget and with high ambitions.
The Council has yet to work through implications for future years but spending decisions will be taken as soon as possible rather than waiting until next year’s budget.
The review is premised on the need to both improve youth service and make it sustainable in the long term as well as to statibilise the service in the short term.
A positive event has also been held with stakeholders and an event for young people led by young mayor and her team will take place shortly.
Positive gender modelling in provision in an appropriate and culturally relevant way is desirable which should result in a decrease in domestic violence.
Nozrul Mustafa raised the issues of the vacant space under Orion House and its suitability for increased local youth provision.
It was recognised that there is a need to tackle territorial issues and for more appropriate facilities in different parts of the borough

7. Any Other Business


8. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 11th April 18:30 – 20:30

Meeting Minutes – 14th March 2016