Meeting Minutes – 14th November 2016


Derek Handley, Henrietta Hazeley-Jones, Phil Sedler, Iain Lawson, Nozrul Mustafa and Chris Weavers.


Naomi Byron, Elizabeth Adebisi, Melanie Bryant, Carmen, Cllr. Clare Harrisson, Allyson Matthews and Marcia (THH)

In Attendance

Noor Uddin (THH) and Jitu Miah (THH)

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record.

2. Housing Matters

The gates for the Orion House car park will cast over £1900 (not £150 as previously minuted). Work will start on 02 December. Residents need to be informed in advance and the siting of the gate should mean that residents are able to get past. There may be problems with accessing keys to allow access for contractors.

The oil spillage in Headlam Street is caused by one resident. A warning letter was sent in September.

There has been a reoccurrence today and the resident will be invited in for a formal interview with THH.

Roof inspection carried out on 24 October but no major issues found. Mears are meant to have a annual schedule for checking roofs for leaks. Jitu will follow up on this issue with Marcia. All roof access points have been checked and are secure.

The Tyler House gate has been passed onto Christine and still awaiting an answer. Hoping for an answer by the time of the next meeting.

The intercom at Orion House is still not working some of the time. Collingwood House, Griindall House and Orion House on the major works schedule for new door entry systems. Consideration is also being given to installing door entry systems on the Headlam Street and Barnsley Street blocks. Fremantle is receiving a new door entry system this year. Could wireless systems be explored?

Problems with the current TV system not allowing for SkyQ. Clarity on what the THH policy on this will be needs to be provided.

The problems will bins being overfull seems to have lessened but there are still sometimes problems at weekends.

Phil Sedler raised a number of issues arising from Susmita’s attendance at the September meeting.

The drain near 14 Collingwood House is blocked and backing up.

A number of issues relating to ASB and fireworks were raised.

Thanks to the caretakers for additional work put into keeping the estate clean.

3. Youth Services

Group 1: newly recruited young people aged between 13 – 15yo are from mixed ethnicities.   This group meet every Saturday, the groups are vulnerable because some of the young people live outside Collingwood Estate and are new to the area.  We are currently integrating them in to the main session.

Group 2:  This group has been meeting every Monday to play football @Play on sports centre.  Mustaque Miah is leading the sessions and about 10-15 young people attend the session consistently from mixed backgrounds.

Group 3: this group of young people attend the youth centre twice a week, aged between 15 – 17yo, predominantly from a Bangladeshi background.  This group of young people have various issues including affected by poverty, living in overcrowded housing and coming from low income families. This affects the behaviour of young people ranging from anti-social behaviour, risk of criminal activity, substance misuse, low self-esteem and low in confidence and underperforming in schools.

Group 4: older members in our centre, young people aged from 18+.  We have been supporting this group of young people to get in further education, employment & training. We have been sign posting them to different training providers.  Due to the lack of IT facilities and not having internet access or printer at the youth centre, we are not able to support the young people to the best of our ability to seek employment or training. This group of young people are vulnerable, if they do not get in further education or training and they may get involved in anti-social activities and there is a risk of involvement in criminal activities.

Project update:
– Project energize; “through outreach work we are delivering football coaching sessions for young people from play on sports centre  every Monday between 5.30pm – 7pm, 10 young people working towards ASDAN shorts course “Football”
– Information support and chill Out session “delivering Face to face work with young people from Collingwood youth centre every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
– Employment and guidance One to one support, every Tuesday and Thursday
– Hoodies Art project: 10 young people currently participating in 7 weeks art project in partnership with A Team art, young people working towards arts s bronze award & AQA
– International football match at Wembley stadium: planning to take 25 young people to Wembley to watch England vs. Spain match on 15th November
– Cinema trip for 13-15yrs old and 16-19yrs planning take 30 young people from both age groups to watch movies, involving the young people in the process of organising the trip to enhance interpersonal skills
– Ice skating: planning to 15 young people to Lee valley ice skating centre
– Theatre trip: planning to take group 10 young people to intermission theatre

4. Officer Reports

Need to check on the current status of the planning application for the Sainsbury site.

5. AGM Planning

Leaflets will be delivered on Tuesday/Wednesday and posters were allocated to committee members to display on blocks across the estate.

It was agreed that the TRA purchase four Subway platters as well as drinks etc. as refreshments for the meeting.

Chris Weavers agreed to produce 50 copies of the agenda, minutes, accounts and annual report.

6. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 12th December 18:30 – 20:30

Meeting Minutes – 14th November 2016