Meeting Minutes – 14th September 2015


Derek Handley, Iain Lawson, Nozrul Mustafa, Phil Sedler, Elizabeth Adebisi and Henrietta Hazeley-Jones


Chris Weavers, Allyson Matthews (THH),Cllr. Clare Harrisson, Julia Williams, Melanie Bryant, Sheikh Meah and Jitu Miah

In Attendance

Marcia McPherson (THH)

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record.

2. Housing Matters


Marcia explained the systemic problems relating to the Grindall House boiler following the ongoing problems  highlighted at July’s meeting.  Concerns were also expressed concerning the lack of information being passed on from the out-of-hours Repairs Centre to the Estate Manager. Clarification was also sought as to the inconsistencies between blocks regarding heating supply during the summer: some blocks had heating throughout, others did not, and there seems to be no fixed date when heating is restored. Residents need to be kept informed on this. It was suggested that Keith Fitzgerald and/or one of his colleagues be invited to a future meeting.


Clarification was requested regarding recycling collection and also on the siting of bins.

3. Neighbourhood Action Plan

The Draft Plan was presented at the March meeting, but we have heard nothing since.  Marcia explained that THH Management had not yet approved the various drafts from different parts of the Borough, and that our Estate Champion would attend a TRA meeting once approval of the plan or revisions to it had been agreed.

4. Estate Clean-up Day

It was felt that this had been poorly planned despite the best efforts of THH staff on the day.  If this idea is to be revisited, it will require far better pre-planning.

5. Anti-Social Behaviour

The meeting on August was attended by Cllr Islam (Deputy Mayor) and senior figures from the police and THH, but poorly attended by residents despite our best efforts to inform people.  This contrasted markedly with the first meeting we had on ASB back in March. Cllr Islam has followed up some of the suggestions made at the meeting.  We need to chase up on the various proposals made, and Phil will ask Melanie to distribute the notes that she took at the meeting.

6. Improving the Collingwood Estate

Iain reported on our meeting with LBTH and subsequent visit to estates in the Old Street area to show how estates can be improved in appearance and ASB be designed out. There is money available from the Whitechapel Vision budget, and this could well be worth looking at in the future.

7. Annual General Meeting

Sainsburys have opted out of speaking at our AGM as they are in the process of submitting revised plans for their proposed development which they did not feel it would be appropriate to present to the public at this time. Although we are unhappy with this, there seemed to be no prospect of their being persuaded to change their minds.   Because of the short notice, we reluctantly agreed that it was not feasible to find a replacement speaker, and that therefore we should postpone the AGM.  We agreed to ask Chris to approach the Mayor with a view to him speaking at our AGM on a Saturday afternoon in November. His topic would be “The Whitechapel Vision”

8. Summer Night Lights

This was successful on the Friday, but not so on the Saturday due to the weather.  Thanks are due to Melanie, Nozrul and Chris for preparing and/or running our stall.  We were pleased to have a number of people who expressed an interest in attending our meetings.

The meeting ended at 20:20.

Meeting Minutes – 14th September 2015