Meeting Minutes – 20th July 2015


Elizabeth Adebisi, Nozrul Mustafa, Naomi Byron, Melanie Bryant, Derek Handley, Phil Sedler


Iain Lawson, Chris Weavers, Allyson Matthews (THH) and Jitu Miah (THH), Eve Hardy, Julia, Cllr. Clare Harrisson, and Henrietta Hazeley-Jones.

In Attendance

Brenda Scotland (TH Public Health / Whitechapel Vision Team), Chris Horton (TH), Muhbub Anam (Whitechapel Vision Team), Cllr. Abjol Miah and Yvette Holmes (THH ASB).

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record.

2. Housing Matters

No water in at least the upper floor of Donegal house for 1 week from 9th July, despite numerous calls from Elizabeth and visit to THH office. Only correspondence sent to residents was on 9th July saying the water supply would be disrupted for that day. After the problem continued no more communication was made and no provisions were made to provide vulnerable residents with any water.

It was agreed that Nozrul would pass the reference number to Jitu to find out the procedures concerning vulnerable residents in such situations.

3. Whitechapel Masterplan

The TRA received an update from Brenda on the project. Chris Horton has joined the team and will be commissioning the designers. Brenda can ensure the support of THH.

Brenda’s explained her role focuses mainly on the outside spaces as opposed to the facilities. She hoped to replicate the community engagement that took place on the Chicksand Estate between the residents and the landscape design team. The main suggestions discussed for outside spaces on Collingwood were placement of outside seating / bins / gyms / place for dogs / table tennis. Other issues included health and safety, and what else residents would like to see on the estate and where as well as how these can be integrated into the wider plan for Whitechapel.

The methods proposed by Brenda that could be used during the consultation included; workshops in the hall, standing and meeting people on the estate, walks round the estate as well as visit to Chicksand, have meetings showing before and afters as well as map that residents could interact with, door knocking and project group meeting with a core group of around 12 residents as well as additional resident drop ins. Brenda also expressed an interest in trying to raise awareness for the project using existing events (Community Clean Up Day / Summer Nights / AGM) and existing meetings (Boys and Girls youth clubs, Elderly and Ladies meeting).

Ideas put forward by the TRA involved bilingual door knocking, as that had worked the best in the past as only a small amount of residents would regularly attend a meeting. It was also suggested to organise a coffee morning at one of the local schools (Hague / Stuart Headlam / Swanley). As well as putting up a stall in Sainsburys or Globe Town or engaging with the dentist, GP surgeries and TFL stations in the area.

Chris expressed the importance of knitting together aspects of the Master plan and the plan for the estate as well as lobbying TFL. He also spoke of the importance of using the Community Infrastructure Levy to benefit the local area to compensate for the huge scale of change (Cross Rail /TFL Cycle Superhighway / Sainsburys / Ashington East). He explained it could be used for infrastructure, and skills development.

Concerns were expressed that the compensation needed might not be used quick enough to respond to the level of change. The TRA spoke in particular about the need for further parking, schools, GP’s (Albion only has funding secured for next 2-3years), larger rubbish chutes, better recycling facilities and more frequent waste management collections.
Mahbub is one of project managers for the Masterplan and is on THH and Health Panel. He echoed the concern about medical facilities and hoped to engage with the local businesses and market stalls during the consultation.

4. Community Clean-up Day

As Allyson and Jitu were not in attendance and Allyson will not be present during the day no update was given. Brenda will be contacting Taj at THH to get involved.

5. Anti-Social Behaviour

Yvette gave an update that since the election of a new mayor Rabina Khan cannot attend the follow up ASB meeting.
Phil gave an update on the Police, as Stacey is no longer in the position and has been replaced by Lee Sharp. The next Police Liason Meeting will be on the 10th August at 7pm in the hall and Yvette plans to attend.
The possibility of establishing a neighbourhood Watch Scheme was discussed and could possibly be discussed further with more residents at the AGM. Yvette said that THH should provide support for this and could also provide the NWS with a mini speed camera. She also expressed the importance of reporting ASB incidents.

6. Sainsbury Development

Sainsbury’s got in contact with Ian and confirmed they would be the main speaker at the AGM and would provide the funding for the flyers needed for the AGM.
The TRA once again expressed concern about the number of family units provided as the smaller units encourage buying and letting out of the residence, which contributes to the transient nature of the estate (-defined as a housing management not development problem). The issue of affordable housing in the development was also discussed as Sainsburys proposal of 14% is lower than the expected 35% and whilst affordable housing is appreciated the borough needs social housing.
The TRA have sent a written submission about the concerns to the Strategic Development Chair Marc Francis. The possibility of the TRA attending a full council / cabinet meeting was discussed. It was suggested to get in contact with Rachel Blake or Rob Lancaster to discuss concerns prior to the application being assessed in the Strategic Development Meeting. Phil has written to Siraj already to discuss getting a meeting with John Biggs.

7. Officer Reports

Phil reported that the TRA had purchased a wreath for the funeral of Tom Slattery who voluntarily cleaned the estate every morning. The possibility of arranging THH to have a plaque on the side of his building was also discussed.


8. Any Other Business


It was agreed that an additional subgroup (Phil, Nozrul, Ian, Melanie and Naomi) meeting was needed in mid August to finalise the details of the AGM. It was suggested that having the Sainsbury presentation first might increase turnout for the AGM meeting afterward.

-Summer Nights

Yvette confirmed that THH would only be funding the 28th-29th August evenings on the Collingwood Estate. Phil confirmed the hall was available and that the TRA + Brenda would have a stand outside. Many suggestions were put forward for how the opportunity could be used to appeal more to adults. These included having health checks, talks on first aid, diabetes and smoking / drug taking cessation as well as advertising apprentice opportunities. The music will be moved to the middle of the green and the event will take place between 5-10pm following complaints last year.

Meeting Minutes – 20th July 2015