Meeting Minutes – 8th February 2016


Melanie Bryant, Phil Sedler, Chris Weavers, Iain Lawson, Nozrul Mustafa, Derek Handley, Frank Nation, Elizabeth Adebisi and Naomi Byron


Carmen Abela, Sofia Ibrahim, Allyson Matthews (THH), Jitu Miah (THH), Marcia McPherson (THH) and Brenda Scotland (LBTH).

In Attendance

Cllr. Clare Harrisson and Noor Uddin (LBTH)

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record with the following amendments:
– The representative of Youth Services was Mustaq
– 12 keys not locks
– the consultation events related to the Local Plan not the Neighbourhood Action Plan.

2. Housing Matters

It was agreed that Keith Pearson (THH) be invited to the April meeting of the Committee.
It was noted that there was no update on the pramsheds.
It was agreed that more should be done to promote the availability of free bulk collections to residents.
A new padlock has been fitted on the bike shelter, no keys have been given to residents but residents can call up to request one.
There was no update on a timetable for the Decent Homes external works on Orion House.
There were also no plans to replace the door entry system on Collingwood House door entry systems, residents expressed frustration about being continually billed for something that is always breaking.
The issue of property on balconies and walkways was again raised with a request that THH adopt a safe but flexible and commonsense approach to this issue.
It was recommended that the next edition next Open Door magazine included details of local paypoint facilities.

3. Neighbourhood Action Plan

Committee members expressed frustration with the Neighbourhood Action Plan process and the failure to undertake long-standing pieces of work.  Cllr. Clare Harrisson agreed to raise a member’s enquiry about future of Neighbourhood Action Plans.

4. Youth Services

It was reported that it would not currently be possible to run a school holiday program due to the restrictions on additional hours, however there would be a half term four day course from 10-5pm + basic clubs. Some provision in the area will be closed and alternatives looked at including that based at Swanlea School as people excluded from school aren’t allowed on the premises which in turn then reduces the likelihood of the friends attending. Also people don’t want to come back to school environment out of school hours.

The current evening sessions in Collingwood will be continued until Easter and it is hoped that greater provision for girls will be offered in future.

The team will be trying to target new young people in an outreach program new targetted at 12-13 year olds, starting in the first week of March.

Cllr. Clare Harrisson agreed to submit a member’s enquiry about the future of youth service provision and it was agreed that Cllr. Rachael Saunders be invited to the March meeting to discuss the review of youth services.

5. Anti-Social Behaviour

A number of young people attended that last Collingwood Estate Police Liaison Meeting as well as the THH ASB Team and LBTH Youth Service. It was agreed that this group become the primary place to discuss issues relating to crime and ASB on the estate and that in making this change the meetings would need to be minutes and chaired by someone from the TRA.

It was welcome that local police number were unlikely to be reduced further a result of a change of heart on the part of the Government.

How best to resolve the ASB associated with the rear of Tyler House area remains under discussion.

The next Collingwood Estate Police Liaison Meeting is scheduled for the 4th April.

6. Rachel Blake – Cabinet Member for Strategic Development

Cllr. Blake gave a brief explanation of her role within the Council’s Cabinet.

Ashington East

It was reported that planning permission had been granted some time ago but the project ran into ground about a year ago with concerns over costs relating to resolving utilities problems elsewhere on the estate.  With the change in leadership at the council, the project has now been put back into the new build plan, funded through right-to-buy receipts with steps in place to reduce and manage costs.  A commitment to a new community centre with a new lease as part of the plan was restated.  Concerns were raised about the allocation of service charges relating to estate roads to new blocks.

Ashington House

A stock condition survey is currently underway and this would include Ashington House.  The council wants to find a way to ensure that resident leaseholders are not disadvantaged by the decanting process.


The application has now been submitted and includes some high density lower blocks and a tower of 28 floors.  Heritage England have raised concerns about the impact on Trinity Almshouses.

Residents remain till concerned with height, the proportion of social housing and the ability of local people to access these new properties.  Other concerns included the traffic impact on Darling Row and Cambridge Heath Road.

Whitechapel Vision

The new administration at the council is considering if this vision including the density and height of new developments remains the right approach. The need to the vision to support an enhance the local business environment was stressed as was the need for supporting new infrastructure and a concern that the Community Infrastructure Levy would be insufficient to meet this need.


The main entrance to Whitechapel Station has now been closed and pedestrians need to walk round to the new entrance on Court Street.  It was suggested that some form of pedestrian access be reinstated on Durwood Street if possible.

7. Officer Reports


8. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 14th March 18:30 – 20:30

Meeting Minutes – 8th February 2016