Meeting Minutes – 8th June 2015


Elizabeth Adebisi, Melanie Bryant, Derek Handley, Iain Lawson, Phil Sedler and Chris Weavers


Jenny Farrington, Eve Hardy, Yvette Holmes (THH), Julia Williams, Cllr. Clare Harrisson

In Attendance

Allyson Matthews (THH) and Jitu Miah (THH)

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record.

2. Housing Matters

It was reported that repair works had been undertaken and a ‘gadget’ fitted to the water supply for Collingwood and Grindall Houses. There have been no recent complaints.

The contractors have again looked at the door entry system for Collingwood House and can’t identify a fault. Whatever the problem was there doesn’t seem to have been a recent recurrence. It was confirmed that only one charge is made, even if there is more than one visit to rectify the situation.

The committee welcomed the recent horticultural improvements to the estate and, in particular, Derek Handley’s role in highlighting the areas on the estate suitable for these improvements.

There is a dangerous area of paving outside Donegal House. Jitu Miah agreed to investigate the issue in the morning.

There was a brief discussion of communal repairs and the way in which they are attributed to specific blocks, groups of blocks or to the whole estate.

Veolia will be trying out new types of recycling facility on the estate. It was suggested that they could consider ‘green bins’ similar to those by Oxford House.

3. Collingwood Estate Police Liaison Meeting

Phil Sedler updated the Committee on recent activity in the area. Of particular note was the appointment of a new sergeant (Lee Sharp), to oversee the Safer Neighbourhoods Team for St. Peter’s, the second such appointment in recent months.

4. Decent Homes

Iain Lawson reported that he had received no response from Ben Campbell or Jamie Carswell to emails sent by him on this issue. It was agreed that Iain continue to chase for a response.

It was reported that, contrary to previous assertions, decent homes contractors cannot fit doors to leasehold properties but are willing to give leaseholders details of who the suppliers are.

5. Neighbourhood Action Plan

The plan has been submitted for consideration and approval. The total sum being applied for is £35,000 and includes bin enclosures, refurbishment of a play area and car parking markings. The plans are being considered by the THH Vibrant Neighbourhoods Team.

 6. Community Clean-up Day

Possible date of September 2nd falls after the start of the school term so alternative dates will now be explored.

7. THH Support Plan

Allyson Matthews reported to the meeting that the support plan was now due to be refreshed. After a discussion the committee identified the following forthcoming issues for which support would be very welcome:
– Regular attendance
– Public events
– New license

8. Sainsburys Development

Iain Lawson reported that he had recently met with Sainsbury regarding the proposed development to the south of the estate. It was agreed that the TRA should organise a public meeting before the AGM and that both should take place on the afternoon of 26th September.

A discussion also took place regarding what opportunities there were to improve the estate and wider neighbourhood as part of the redevelopment scheme. Possibilities discussed included:
– Key worker housing
– Landscaping e.g. on Cambridge Heath Road in front of Sovereign and Donegal Houses
– Long-term employment programmes
– Improved recycling facilities
– Issues associated with car-free developments

9. Any Other Business



Meeting Minutes – 8th June 2015