Meeting Minutes – 8th May 2017


Iain Lawson, Phil Sedler, Nozrul Mustafa, Henrietta Hazeley-Jones, Elizabeth Adebisi, Christina Elliott, Derek Handley and Chris Weavers


Naomi Bryon, Elisa Colpo, Allyson Matthew and Cllr. Clare Harrisson

In Attendance

Jitu Miah (THH) and Lisa McCann

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record.

2. Housing Matters

There remains a possibility of railings being installed outside Tyler House using surplus rulings from another estate.

The abandoned cars outside Grindall House have been removed. However, there remains a problem with drivers without permits being granted access to the car park. High ahreed to send a message to all residents.

The pipes outside Eagle House have now been tidied.

THH is reviewing parking policy currently and a likely solution might involve a license to park in a specified area rather than in a particular numbered bay. Given that parking is currently unenforceable is there still a contract with the enforcement contractor. Concerns about visitor parking were raised.

The issue with the pipes outside of Eagle House has now been resolved.

Iain will speak to Susmita Sen regarding estate maps.

There remains a problem with the boiler in Donegal House. Jitu will take up the matter.

It was reported that residents of Dinnington House were dumping rubbish outside Orion House. Any complaints regarding Veolia should be reported to Danny Tyler and if this doesn’t work, the matter will be escalated by THH.

Questions were raised about the schedule of decent homes external works and it was noted that this would all be available online.

It was agreed that Danny Tyler and Noel ??? be invited to the next meeting to discuss any issues on the estate. Generally committee members agreed that the standard of caretaking on the estate remained high.

The committee noted progress on the matters raised during the recent estate walkabout.

It was noted that the communal heating system has been upgraded and now works on a thermostat.

3. Lisa McCann – Neighbourhood Team Leader

Discussion on Neighbourhood Plans and estate walkabouts.

It was agreed that future resident estate walkabouts would take place on a quarterly basis on the second Monday of the month at 17:00 outside Ashington House.

The next four dates would be:
– 10 July 2017
– 09 October 2017
– 08 January 2018
– 09 April 2018

It was agreed that Chris Weavers would raise this issue of the Neighbourhood Plan being secret and the Residents’ Panel and that Iain Lawson would also take up the matter.

Discussion on bringing drying rooms back into use.

4. Officer Reports

Crossrail Resident Liaison Meeting
The next Crossrail Liaison Panel is scheduled for Thursday 8th June at the Crossrail offices near Whitechapel Station.

Collingwood Estate Police liaison meeting
Next Police Liaison Meeting is Monday 22 May at 18:30 at the Collingwood TRA Hall.

It was noted that the estate is not currently a Public Set Priority for the St. Peter’s Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

Financial Report
It was noted that the finances of the TRA remain challenging and updates were provided on:
– Negotiations on the lease of the hall
– Grant funding for the Friendship Club
– Negotiations on rental payments from LBTH Youth Services

5. Any Other Business


6. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 12th June 2017, 18:30 – 20:30

Meeting Minutes – 8th May 2017