Meeting Minutes – 9th January 2017


Carmen Abela, Phil Sedler, Iain Lawson, Elisa Colpo and Chris Weavers


Eve Hardy, Nozrul Mustafa, Derek Handley, Brenda Scotland and Noor Uddin

In Attendance

Jitu Miah (THH), Allyson Matthews (THH), Cllr. Clare Harrisson and Mercedes ?

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record.

2. Housing Matters

The gates at Orion House has been locked and bought into use. The caretaker has reported that unauthorised people are unable to get into the parking area.

A roof inspection of Eagle House has been booked for 12/01/2017.

A second oil spillage has appeared in Headlam Street.

The puddles on the roof of Eagle House still need to be investigated – possibly by the caretaking team as it ` might just be a blockage caused by leaves.

The Tyler House gate has still yet to be approved and the costs remain unknown. Jitu Miah agreed to raise this with the relevant officers of THH.

There is currently no plan by THH to replace the current satellite wiring system. It was agreed that this be raised at the next meeting with Susmita Sen.

There was a discussion about noticeboards in blocks. The content managed by caretakers. It was suggested that the TRA be allocated some space

It was agreed that Chris to email Steve Stride re. estate maps

There are major problems with heating and hot water in Headlam Street and a burst water pipe at Orion House resulting in air in the system.

The status of Orion House in Decent Homes external works programme was queried. Cllr. Clare Harrisson agreed to raise a members’ enquiry on the matter.

An issue raise regarding the new system for distributing recycling bags – a year’s collection at once.

Rushmead One Stop shop – backs broken off around a fifth of chairs in the waiting area.

The door entry system on Ashington House has been broken for some time – almost four months.

3. Officer Reports

Update on Sainsbury development and the refusal of planning application.

Melanie will start work in the website elements discussed at the last meeting and will be meeting with Iain to discuss future content.

Funds are currently being slowly depleted party as sourcing funding from the council is proving difficult. Funding for the youth service use of the hall has now been secured. Phil is pursuing the overdue funding for the Friendship Club – now £700. The payment has been delayed by Commissioners scrutiny in part.

There was agreement to increase hall hire fees.

It was noted that there is possible grant funding available from Greggs resulting from plastic bag tax. Allyson will provide details

The next Collingwood Estate Police Liaison Meeting will be on 6th February at 18:30

Iain will attend the next meeting of the Crossrail Community Liaison meeting.

4. Youth Services

Cabinet discussing a new youth services strategy tomorrow. Concerns were raised regarding the potential impact on service provision. The contents of the Cabinet report were highlighted and the current underperformance including the move from finance measurement to outcomes. There awas then a discussion on service models and delivery.

Noor will be emailing a youth service programme for the next three months.

5. Any Other Business

Elders food garden – no license and no public liability insurance.

4. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 13th March 2017, 18:30 – 20:30

Meeting Minutes – 9th January 2017