Meeting Minutes – March 9th 2015


Phil Sedler, Nozrul Mustafa, Chris Weavers, Derek Handley, Frank Nation, Elizabeth Adebisi, Henrietta Hazeley-Jones, Iain Lawson


Naomi Byron, Cllr. Clare Harrisson and Jitu Miah

In Attendance

Julia Williams, Brenda Scotland (LBTH), Debra Richards (THH), Marcia McPherson (THH), Allyson Matthews (THH), Laura Duncan (THH) and Chris Basford (THH)

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record with the following corrections:
– The correct spelling of Nozrul’s surname is Mustafa
– The minute relating to prams and bicycles on landings should also refer to general clutter on walkways

2. Whitechapel Vision

Looking from a public health perspective to build on the work undertaken on the Chicksand Estate to look at how the estate can benefit from the Whitechapel Vision/Masterplan.

Currently working on a community engagement strategy on which the Committee’s views would be welcome.

Questions were asked on how any proposed works might be funded. It was suggested that a substantial contribution might be obtained via Section 106 contributions but that NAPO funding plans had been developed at this stage.

Further discussions took place about the scope and geographic extent of the planned project.

Consultation methodology based around workshops and face to face consultation rather than surveys.

3. Anti-Social Behaviour

Phil Sedler and Chris Weavers detailed plans for the ASB event on 16th March including the programme for the event and the likely attendance for the registered housing providers and other relevant agencies.

It was reported that a leaflet would be delivered to every property in the area on

Saturday and committee members were asked to put up posters in their blocks.

4. Ashington East Development

The development was approved by the Strategic Development Committee but agreement has yet to be reached on the S106 arrangements. Works are likely to start on site at the end of June. The possibility of an application for Judicial

Review remains but no application can be made as yet.

A further discussion took place on the opening hours, management and financing of the new hall.

5. Decent Homes

Problems with poor responsiveness on the part of Keepmoat staff in relation to window replacement.

Problems with the impact of scaffolding on blocking pavements around Pellew House and the length of time scaffolding has been up without any building work being undertaken.

6. Neighbourhood Action Plan

Chris Basford spoke to a summary of the plan. The full plan has yet to be signed off.

Clean up day on the agenda for the next meeting.

Issues of gates behind Donegal House need to be secured with gates.

7. Housing Matters

Aerial on Orion housing – the income from the aerials is not usually allocated to the block or estate on which the aerials are placed.

Discussion on doors

Clearing issues from communal walkways.

Rough sleepers – is there a policy beyond moving them on? Can more use be used of organisations such as Streetlink?

Cheese shop in Grindall House.

8. Officer Reports

Police TRA liaison group next meeting on 30th March at 19:00

Meeting Minutes – March 9th 2015