Meeting Minutes – 9th May 2016


Iain Lawson, Phil Sedler, Chris Weavers, Henrietta Hazeley-Jones, Elizabeth Adebisi, Derek Handley, Carmen Abela, Melanie Bryant


Nozrul Mustafa, Naomi Byron, Sofia Ibrahim, Allyson Matthews (LBTH)

In Attendance

Jitu Miah (THH), Cllr. Clare Harrisson, Noor Uddin (LBTH)

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record.

2. Housing Matters

The leaseholder team are currently considering charging the shopkeepers under Tyler House for maintenance charges. Phil wrote to Marcia regarding the high cost of the fencing repair as it was much higher than expected. The committee also voiced concern about THH only getting a single quote from Mears for the repair. Jitu agreed to follow up with Marcia and Phil agreed to speak to Susmita Sen about the matter.

Orion entry system has been fixed however the Collingwood House entry system is still broken, Jitu will report back on either when the parts will be sourced or an alternative solution.

The bollards have now been moved to the correct place. Collingwood Street has now had a gate put in and the youths have moved as a result.

1st floor of Headlam Street has an oil spill on the floor; Jitu will follow up with Danny regarding cleaning.

Ian and possibly Derek will attend the walkabout with Susmita Sen to discuss ASB, scruffiness of estate, Ashington House, unmaintained play areas, Brenda Scotland Project, Tyler House fencing, gates for garages, neighbourhood action plan and the community infrastructure levy. Chris will feedback on the neighbourhood action plan from the residents panel and the committee discussed inviting Susmita to a future meeting.

Clare agreed to chase up Veolia regarding distributing recycling bags to each home. Jitu and Clare also agreed to try and get an update on Orion Major Works, Ashington House and the Ashington East Project.

Phil agreed to follow up with Keith Pearson regarding information requested about the boiler system.

3. Youth Service

Noor stated the plan for staffing and locations would become clearer on 1st July. The youth services focus at the moment is mainly on targeting 13-15 yearold in the area and trying to move the older youths to other services. There will be a four week summer program and a community fun day however the budget hasn’t been finalized yet. The new schedule will be forwarded to Melanie for publication on the website. The youth service will run its normal sessions during Ramadan but will finish earlier to enable the breaking of the fast.

The issue of youths borrowing chairs was resolved and neither Keith nor the Youth Service will now permit this to keep consistent.

No progress has been made on the community food garden.

4. Orion Undercroft

Noor agreed to contact Fokrul Hoque regarding obtaining the keys and seeing inside the space to possibly use it for the youth service.

5. Whitechapel Vision

No news as currently on hold due to disconnect between previous and current administrations plans.

6. Housing and Planning Bill Meeting

Meeting 16th May 19:00-21:00 with Kill The Housing Bill Organization, Sirajul Islam and Glyn Robbins. Ian agreed to chair the meeting and Chris has already printed the leaflets for the organization to distribute.

7. Sainsburys

No news as planning has been slowed down by petition regarding the Elms Houses and Heritage England. The committee voiced concerns about setting a precedent for high rises as the self-storage unit has also been bought by property developers.

8. Durwood St Public Access

Chris and Ian agreed to attend the Crossrail meeting on 9th June at 19:00 to get more information and raise the issue of getting a walkway through.

9. Officers Reports

Melanie agreed to upload content about the youth service from Noor and details of the upcoming meetings and also to create a qr code for future leaflets.

Phil agreed to make a donation on behalf of the TRA to mark the passing of Gloria Willams to the hospice she stayed in.

The Tenants Federation of Tower Hamlets is having a meeting on the 23rd May 19:00 in the hall to discuss the use of council assets and lease and internal repair charges for community buildings. The committee would like to ask about the new lease for the hall, the Orion undercroft, the ownership of the building and how to better deal with the litter problem in the surrounding area.

Chris has recommended Talk Talk for getting internet in the hall and Phil will follow up on this.

10. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 13th June 18:30 – 20:30

Meeting Minutes – 9th May 2016